Which kind of plant fill light lamp has the best fill light

2021-09-07 15:33:14 Hebei EnjoLight Technology
Which kind of plant fill light lamp has the best fill light effect on meat
When people breed more meat, they will always encounter a very common problem, that is, insufficient light, which will cause more meat to grow in vain, gray color and so on. Therefore, in order to solve this problem, people will choose to use plant fill light lamps to fill light for meat. However, there are many kinds of plant fill light lamps. Which fill light lamp brings better effect?
There are many lamps to fill the light for plants, but combined with many aspects, the most suitable lamp for filling the light for meat should be led plant fill light. As the third generation of plant fill light, led fill light not only has the advantages that many other lamps do not have, but also solves the disadvantages of many other lamps.
The use of plant fill light lamp has experienced several generations of development, from incandescent lamp to high-pressure sodium lamp, fluorescent lamp to LED plant fill light lamp. When using incandescent lamps, people will find that incandescent lamps have a particularly high heating capacity, which is easy to burn meat, and lack the red and blue light mainly used by plant photosynthesis, so incandescent lamps are gradually eliminated. Then people developed HID lamps and fluorescent lamps. Among them, HID lamps have high calorific value, lack of blue light required by plants in the spectrum, and fluorescent lamps have low calorific value, but lack of red light in the spectrum.
The LED fill light does not have the above disadvantages. First of all, led fill light is a cold light source with less heat. Don't worry about burning meat. Secondly, the spectrum of LED fill light is relatively rich, and different spectra can be combined according to their own needs, including monochromatic light and composite spectrum. Thirdly, the space occupied by LED fill light is also relatively small, which can be used in families or plant culture cabinets.
To sum up, if you want to fill the light for meat, you'd better choose to use LED plant fill light. The most commonly used LED fill light is the fill light with red and blue spectrum. However, we should pay attention when using it. The fill light with red and blue light emits pink light. If people look at it for a long time, they will feel disgusting. Therefore, we should pay attention to protection when using it in family planting or fleshy greenhouse.

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