Provide one-stop service Get grow tent kit

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Provide one-stop service Get grow tent kit

The grow tent kit mainly includes grow tent,grow light,inline fan carbon filter,clip fan,grow bag,thermometer,seedling tray,draining tray and so on.You are free to match and choose what you need.


①.Why you choose grow tent?

It can better control various factors of plant growth: temperature, humidity, light and lighting, etc. so that plants grow better and healthier! Plant tents can grow a variety of plants indoors without being affected by the region.

We accept customization,customize logo,size,packing and so on.

Most of the tent fabrics we provide are 600D+16mm iron pipes with diamond patterns inside.  

Recommended hot sale item:


②.How to choose grow lights?

The grow light simulates the principle that plants need sunlight for photosynthesis, supplementing light for plants or completely replacing sunlight. Grow lights are very suitable for the growth, flowering and fruiting of plants.

There are many kinds of grow lights, such as plant light strips, quantum board lights, and grow light bar. The most popular ones are grow light strips, which generally use Samsung chips and have a wide and uniform irradiation area.

Recommended hot sale item:(Samsung 301B)

240W quantum board grow lights ;640W grow light bar;800W grow light bar;1000W grow light bar.


.How inline fan carbon filter kit works?


Recommended hot sale item:(iron shell)

4 inches,6 inches,8 inches,10 inches.



.Quiet Duct Fan.

Some customers will choose quiet fans. On the basis of the original GDF pipeline centrifugal fan box, improve the process, maintain the original characteristics of large air volume and low noise, further reduce the volume, reduce noise, and improve energy efficiency.

Recommended hot sale item:(iron shell)

4 inches,6 inches.


clip fan,grow bag,thermometer,seedling tray,draining tray


We provide one-stop service, you can get any related products you want from us.

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