Light source ratio parameters required for 14 common vegetables

2023-05-05 14:35:56 Hebei EnjoLight Technology

The following are the light source ratio parameters required for 14 common vegetables:


(1) Lettuce: The best light sources for planting and seedling cultivation are red and blue light sources with a ratio of 6:1 and 7:1, respectively.

(2) Chives: Under the red/blue 7:1 treatment, the plant height, stem diameter, leaf width and other mass ratios of chives were significantly higher than other treatments.

(3) Cucumber: 7:2 is the optimal ratio of red and blue light for the growth of cucumber seedlings, and 7:1 is the optimal ratio during the growth period.

(4) Green vegetables and water spinach: 7:1 is the optimal ratio of red and blue light for the growth of green vegetables and water spinach leaves.

(5) White radish: The most suitable light quality for growth: the ratio of red and blue light is 8:1.

(6) Yamai Cai: The ratio of red and blue light is 9:1, which is conducive to the growth of Yamai Cai.

(7) Strawberries and tomatoes: Red and blue light at 9:1 is most beneficial for the growth of strawberries and tomatoes, and the fruits are full and nutritious.

(8) Holly: Red and blue light are arranged in a ratio of 8:1, and Holly has the best growth, strength, and well-developed roots.

(9) Sprout vegetable: The most obvious effect is achieved with a ratio of red, green, and blue light at 6:2:1.

(10) Calla lily: The best growth condition is achieved when the ratio of supplementary red and blue light is 6:2.

(11) Red palm scorching sun: Based on comprehensive analysis, red and blue light at 7:3 is the best treatment, which is beneficial for morphology, root growth, and dry matter accumulation.

(12) Dendrobium officinale has the best proliferation effect under red and blue light at 7:3; 6: At 4 o'clock, it is more conducive to seedling photosynthesis and material accumulation.

Illumination above plants: 2600-2900lx (pure red and blue spectral illuminance value, non white illuminance value), without natural light, completely artificial lighting system, initial irradiation cycle 6 hours on, 2 hours off, 3 cycles per day; In the later stage, it will open at 14 hours and close at 10 hours, cycling twice a day.

Environmental temperature: 28-30 (air conditioning will be added later and maintained at 28)

Relative humidity: 50% -70% (after the air conditioning is turned on, it will decrease to around 60%)

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