Premium Growing Equipment for Hydroponics

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ENJO provides its customers with indoor horticulture equipment. It was founded in CHINA  and has become a leading manufacturer in the business.


These products are perfect for whoever is interested in growing and setting up their plants. So if youre a beginner or a professional gardener, the products are easy to set up and use, helping you grow what you love.


Table of Contents of Premium Growing Equipment for Hydroponics

ENJO Products for Plant Care and Growth

ENJO Grow Tents

ENJO LED Grow Light

ENJO Ventilation System

ENJO Hygrometer and Thermometer

ENJO Products for Seeding and Gardening

ENJO Heat Mats

ENJO Grow Bags

ENJO Products for Hydroponics

Closing Thoughts


Whether youre interested in growing your own organic fruits and vegetables, or you want to see flowers bloom in your greenhouse, or you just like growing plants, ENJO can provide you with the products you need to get started or continue your horticulture journey.


In this article, we have reviewed some of the best selling product categories by ENJO. This is so you can understand the purpose of each product. The article will also help you decide what you need to purchase for your plantsneeds.


ENJO Products for Plant Care and Growth

You may be someone who is just beginning your horticulture journey or you may already have your well-established garden, either way, ENJO has several excellent products for you to help care for your plants.



ENJO Grow Tents-Premium Growing Equipment for Hydroponics

ENJO Grow Tents-Premium Growing Equipment for Hydroponics


Grow tents are ideal if you want to meet your indoor gardening needs and provide your plants with a superior indoor growing environment.


The ENJO grow tents come in various sizes so that you can buy your tent according to the number and size of your plants.


The tent has a durable design and is very easy to set up. It has to light green metal poles with letters on them numbered to guide you through piecing them together. The tent goes over the whole frame, so you dont have to deal with different pieces of fabric to patch your tent together.


The ENJO grow tent has several strategic openings to help install cables, fans, and ducting. Exhaust vents have a Velcro cover which makes it easier to control ventilation. Theres also a viewing window so you can view your plants without having to go into the tent.


The tent features a removable and water-resistant floor tray, making cleanups a piece of cake.

According to several ENJO grow tent reviews, the tent itself is made of heavy-duty material, is entirely tear-proof, withstands any push and pull, and is light-proof. It also has sturdy zippers that ensure there is no light leakage.


The ENJO grow tent also includes an inner tool organizer. This makes things like tools and nutrients easy to store.


Other ENJO grow tent reviews applaud its customer service and 30-day money-back guarantee. The tent also comes with a one-year warranty for all quality-related complaints.


However, all the tents come with windows, so you have no windowless option available. Furthermore, although the ENJO grow tent is easy to install, the instruction manual is brief and doesnt explain things very well, which can be inconvenient.


ENJO LED Grow Light-Premium Growing Equipment for Hydroponics

ENJO LED Grow Light Premium Growing Equipment for Hydroponics



Of course, if youre looking to grow plants, youd need to set up the perfect environment for them to thrive in. And such an environment requires a grow light.


A grow light is an electric light used to help plants grow, and ENJO has various grow lights for you to choose from.


The ENJO grow light  They employ the latest LED plant light technology featuring the Samsung LM301H Diodes, which are super durable, display high efficiency, and provide excellent lighting performance.


These LED lights have a high energy efficiency; they offer a high output while consuming only 100, 200, or 400W of electricity, depending on which LED light you are buying which is far more efficient than traditional HID lamps and other conventional lighting setups.


The ENJO grow light which means you can adjust the light from 40% to 100%. This will help your plants grow even better as you can adjust the light according to what your plant needs; different growth periods require different light intensities.


The LED light is super easy for beginners and professional growers. It comes with a pair of grow light glasses to protect your eyes from the bright light. In addition, youll also receive a three-year warranty.


The ENJO grow light offers sun-like full spectrum lighting providing your plant with the optimal bright light to meet its growing needs.


ENJO Ventilation System-Premium Growing Equipment for Hydroponics


Fans in greenhouses are a must to control the climate. Their use ensures proper ventilation and air movements, which helps regulate humidity and temperature.


This improves the rate of photosynthesis, the replacement of carbon dioxide and oxygen, nutrient uptake, and even disease resistance.


THEREFORE, the ENJO fan will make an excellent addition to your greenhouse. It will provide your greenhouse with adequate ventilation moving air through your target location efficiently.


The fans are lightweight and compact, making them ideal for places where there isnt enough space for more giant fans. However, ENJO offers 4, 6, and 8-inch ventilation so that you can choose the right size for your greenhouse.


The fans also feature a flow deflector that increases the airflow. This also reduces noise to just 30 DB.

The ENJO fan also comes with a premium quality ENJO carbon filter. Made of Virgin Australian activated charcoal, the filter delivers a 100% filtered airflow.


The filter can capture three times more air contaminants than the competition. This is because each carbon particle has an optimal surface area. Furthermore, the filter eliminates all odor and any chemical irritants present in the air.


The ENJO carbon filter comes in three sizes so that you can choose the perfect fit with your fan.


ENJO Hygrometer and Thermometer-Premium Growing Equipment for Hydroponics

ENJO Hygrometer and ThermometerYour plant setup is incomplete without a good hygrometer and thermometer. After all, your plants require an optimal temperature to thrive in, and you can only give them that if you monitor and therefore control the humidity and temperature regularly.


The ENJO hygrometer and thermometer device provides you with an accurate reading and comes with a large, easy-to-read LCD.


It also comes with multiple mounting options; tabletop, hanging, and magnet-mountable design enable you to place it wherever you want.


The device features an LCD touchscreen making it easy to operate. There is also a back-light which makes it easy to use and read in low lighting.


You also receive a one-year warranty with the device.


ENJO Products for Seeding and Gardening

If youre interested in starting your garden from scratch, ENJO has some great seeding products to help you grow your plants.


ENJO Heat Mats-Premium Growing Equipment for Hydroponics

ENJO Heat Mat



In seeding, heat mats speed up the germination of seeds. Because of the uniform growing temperature provided to your plant, theENJO heat mats ensure a higher seedling success rate as well as a reduced growing cycle.


The ENJO heats mats are available in various sizes to meet your seeding needs. These heat mats provide and maintain the ideal temperature you need to germinate your seeds (around 20-30/68-86) successfully.


The heat mat provides your seeds with a stable and uniform temperature. It also comes with a heating film protecting your seeds roots from burning. It can also produce a lot of dew when paired with a humidity dome.


Your ENJO heat mat comes with some pretty innovative heating. It features a radiate far-infrared light wave which makes the heating softer while providing your seeds with enough heat needed to germinate.


Along with different size options, the ENJO heating mats run on different units of power, depending on which size you buy. Although the larger mats use more electricity, the power usage is still relatively low and will save you electricity.


The mat has a supple, flexible, and ultra-durable design with a water-resistant finish and will therefore be present to germinate your seeds for a long time. It also comes with a 1-year warranty so you can use your mat without any worries.


ENJO Grow Bags-Premium Growing Equipment for Hydroponics

ENJO Grow Bags



As the name suggests, grow bags are filled with a growing medium to help you grow your plants. Although grow bags are typically plastic, the ENJO grow bags are made with a breathable fabric and are therefore environmentally friendly and BPA-free.


Grow bags are a better alternative than your traditional pots because of their breathability. This prevents soil compaction and therefore prevents your roots from circling. Thus making it easier for them to absorb more nutrients from the soil.


The ENJO grow bags are made with nonwoven fabric, so they do not retain excess water. This also allows your roots to breathe, enabling them to absorb more nutrients causing your seeds to develop into healthy plants.



Usually, grow bags have handles that are a continuation of the same fabric. Unfortunately, these handles are not able to support the load as well and make it hard to move.


The ENJO grow bags have handles separately stitched with serger stitches. The heavy-duty handles, along with the thickened fabric, means you can move the bag with ease.


With regular pruning and trimming of your plants roots coupled with the ability to prevent root structures from circling, this built-to-last grow bag will stay with you for years. It also comes with a 3-year warranty.


ENJO Products for Hydroponics

Hydroponics is growing plants without the use of soil. Instead, water is used to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the plants. This system of growing plants utilizes 90% less water than traditional agriculture methods.


ENJO has great hydroponic products to help you set up your very own hydroponic system.


Closing Thoughts

According to several ENJO reviews, this brand offers luxury-level services at one-third of the price. Furthermore, their products are easy to use, durable, and have a warranty with an attractive refund policy.


The products are especially great for someone just starting because of how easy they are to use. Plus, you can always turn to ENJOs customer service if you require any help or assistance

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