Can plants use light for photosynthesis

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Can plants use light for photosynthesis
Plants can use light to carry out photosynthesis, and each plant has similar requirements for light. As long as the wavelength of this light is in the range of 400-700nm, it can be used by the leaves for photosynthesis.
     Plants mainly rely on blue-green light and red orange light for photosynthesis. Infrared or ultraviolet light also contains a small amount of these two kinds of light, so plants can also carry out photosynthesis under this light.
     Photosynthesis is the sum of a series of complex metabolic reactions. It is the basis for the survival of the biological community and the important medium of carbon and oxygen cycle of the earth. Photosynthesis is a biochemical process in which green plants use photosynthetic pigments such as chlorophyll and some bacteria (such as halophilic archaea with purple membrane) to transform carbon dioxide and water (bacteria are hydrogen sulfide and water) into organic matter and release oxygen (bacteria release hydrogen) under the irradiation of visible light.
     Plant leaf system is composed of many kinds of pigments, such as chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, carotenoids and so on. It not only broadens the action spectrum of photosynthesis, but also other pigments can absorb excessive strong light to produce the so-called light protection effect.
     There are two kinds of reaction centers. The unified absorption spectrum of the optical system reaches the peak at 700nm, while the system 2 reaches the peak at 680nm. The reaction center is composed of chlorophyll a and specific protein. The type of protein determines the absorption wavelength of the reaction center. After absorbing a certain wavelength of light, chlorophyll a excites an electron, and the enzyme splits the water into hydrogen ions and oxygen atoms, and the extra electrons supplement chlorophyll a molecule.

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