Advantages of hydroponic vegetables

2021-07-16 10:48:09 Hebei EnjoLight Technology
Advantages of hydroponic vegetables
1. good product quality, safety and hygiene.
Leaf vegetables are mainly edible plants, such as lettuce and chicory, which requires fresh, clean and pollution-free products. The vegetables in Shipei are easy to be polluted by parasites and bacteria, and it is not convenient to clean with soil. Compared with soil culture leafy vegetables, hydroponics are of good quality, clean, fresh, good taste and excellent quality. It can be eaten directly.
2. it can be quantified in plant factory.
Leafy vegetables are not easy to store, but in order to meet the market demand, it needs to be produced annually. The operation of soil culture leafy vegetable is complicated, which requires the whole land as border, fixed planting, fertilization, watering, etc. without soil cultivation, it is very simple to replace stubble. It is only necessary to implant the seedlings into the planting hole, and the annual cultivation can be carried out on the same site. For example, lettuce can be sown, planted, harvested and continuously produced every day in a year. So the water culture method is convenient for rotation arrangement and suitable for planned and contractual production.
3. it is not divided into the light and peak seasons, and is little affected by the natural environment.
Generally, the plants of leafy vegetables are short, so there is no need to increase the support facilities, so the investment of facilities is less than that of vegetables without soil cultivation. The growth cycle of hydroponic vegetables is short and the turnover is fast. Water culture is also a facility production, growing in the shed, and is not easily damaged by typhoon. Farmers who can supply fresh vegetables in typhoon season in coastal areas can often get higher profits.
4. fertilizer saving, no need to replace nutrient solution halfway.
The growth cycle of leafy vegetables is short. If there is no major physiological disease in the middle of the process, it is only necessary to prepare one nutrient solution from planting to harvesting, and no need to replace the nutrient solution halfway. Fruit and vegetable grow for a long time, even if there is no large physiological disease, in order to ensure the nutrient balance of nutrient solution, half or full amount of nutrient solution needs to be updated.
Plant plant hydroponics cabbage
Hydroponic cabbage in plant factory (2 pieces)
5. high economic benefits. The water culture leafy vegetable can avoid the damage of continuous cropping, and the compound index is high. The operating rate of the facilities is more than 20 in a year, and the production economic benefits are high.

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