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material: ABS+fabric





1.Vertical Systems for Organic Farming: Nutraponics is a modular, stackable and mobile vertical growing ecosystem, specifically
engineered to maximize yield and automation, producing a Fresh Harvest with minimal effort

2.Effortless Results Every Time: Specifically tailored to provide the optimum controlled environment for growing a wide range of
agricultural products in all environments and climates.

3.Highly Energy Efficient: With Nutraponics, you are in control of air humidity, amount of water supply, spray timings and energy
used. This enables the recovery of a very large percentage of energy already used in typical farming methods, saving approximately
66% energy

4.Highly Efficient Water Savings: Only a fraction of irrigation water is used by the pants itself. In traditional methods, most of
the water vaporizes into the air, making the process highly inefficient and wasteful.

5.Grow Up to 40% More Healthy Food, 3x Faster Using aeroponics + NFT, The Nutraponics Tower Garden grows plants with only water
and nutrients. Our systems can grow plants 3X faster and produce 40% greater yields on average.


1.Grow Faster.
3times faster than 30% greater yields.
Aeroponic vertical farming tower garden system grows plants with only water and nutrients rather than dirt.Research has found
aeroponic systems grow plants three times faster and produce 30% greater yields on average.That means you'll be enjoying
abundant,nutritious harvests just weeks after planting.

2.Convenient Installation.

Simple and faste installation,saving customersthe remaining time cost.

3.Grow Healthier.

Better protect from pests and diseases naturally without pesticides.
Pets,disease,weeds-traditional gardening can be comalicated and time-consuming,but aeroponic garden tower system delivers waterand nutrients automatically when they're most needed,you can get strong,healthy plants with minialeffort.and healthy plants can better protect themselves from pests and diseases naturally,without pesticides.Plus,you donot have to deal with weeds(or getting dirty) because there's no soil.

4.Save more space

10% of the land and water than traditional.
Want a garden but donot have the space? Dealing with drought? Because of its vertical,compact design and closed-loop systemtechnology, Aeroponic vertical farming tower garden system requires as little as 10% of the land water traditional growing method use. so its perfect for sunny small space,such as balconies.patios,rooftops-even your kitchen provided you use grow lights.

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