What is the standard of illumination for LED plant growth l

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What is the standard of illumination for LED plant growth lamps? Is there any inspection standard?
        There are many kinds of LED lighting products for plant growth, such as flat lamp, double end lamp, flexible lamp belt, etc., which will gradually change with the development of technology. Before and after 2013, LED flat lamp was mainly used in tissue culture. The standard specifies the terms and definitions, classification and nomenclature, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, marks, packaging, transportation and storage of LED flat lamps for plant growth. The standard content shows the basic measurement index of LED light source for plant growth, which is quite different from the parameters of living lighting.
From a practical point of view, the lumen number of artificial light source in different color temperature and brightness is not only the difference of human visual effect, but also can directly affect the growth state of plants, because the artificial light source directly affects the result of photosynthesis of plants to "light", not only the difference of light color of visible light, but also the difference of different spectral range and lumen number, so The focus of examining the benefits of artificial light source should be more specific light source spectrum and light intensity difference, but the visual difference of human eyes is not so important. Through repeated experiments, it is verified that the effect of plant growth on the spectrum and illumination intensity of different artificial light sources is quite different under different wavelengths of luminosity. In the light required by plants, the light intensity of 400? 520nm、610? 720nm has a significant effect on Photosynthesis of general plant growth.
Green light (520? 610nm) light has a relatively low or even negligible effect on the growth efficiency of photosynthesis of plants. It can be reasonably inferred that for the economic crops that improve the growth rate, the artificial light source corresponding to the blue and red spectrum can be introduced to assist them to enhance their growth efficiency.
General led plant growth lamp illumination standard how to decide?
Most commonly used plant growth lamps will mostly lock 400? 520nm (blue) and 610? 720nm (red) wavelength light source, through the direct growth of plant growth spectrum light source to enhance its growth effect, generally such artificial light source plant lamp growth lamp, most will make red? Blue light combination, or all blue? All red light and other three patterns to provide red light that can promote the cooperative growth of plants? Blue wave long light, through artificial light source to cover the plant planting surface, to improve the light wavelength range required for photosynthesis. And in practical applications, red? Blue light synthetic artificial light source, in fact, can produce very uncomfortable pink mixed light for human eyes. Although the visual experience of human eyes is quite poor, the actual benefits to plant growth are relatively significant.

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