Outdoor 60W LED Solar Street Light

Outdoor 60W LED Solar Street Light

Products: 50W solar street light beads number: 50

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Product Details

The basic information

Products: 50W solar street light 

 beads number: 50

 color rendering index: 75

 light Angle: 120 light 

color: white light

 lumen : 50000

working frequency: 50

 life: 50000H

Battery: ternary 

lithium 7.4V17600 milliampere

 battery solar panel: 12V30W single crystal solar panel

 protection level: ip65

weight:9 kg 

Package size: 70*25*52CM 

power: 50W

Control: light control + time control, light every day10 hours, against 3-4 rainy days range of use: square/park lighting/signs/street lights

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