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What Kind Of Street Light Do You Have?
- May 29, 2018 -

High pole lamp

High quality steel or iron main rod is used for high pole lamp. The way in our country is to spray the surface of hot dip galvanizing, and the life of hot galvanizing which meets the international standard can reach 15 years or even longer. Otherwise, it is far from far.

The high pole lamp is made of high strength and high quality Q235 steel, and fastener nuts and nuts are stainless steel (exposed). The light source uses metal halide lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, LED luminaire, and protection level IP65. The application scope is square, commercial street, scenic area, villas, schools, etc. Not only humanized protection of personnel safety, but also high strength, no surface treatment, and more than 50 years of corrosion resistance, and very beautiful. It looks more upscale. The current situation in China is that iron lampposts account for most of the market share.

Scenery complementary lamps

The construction of wind and solar complementary LED street lamps embodies the concept of modern construction, beautifying the environment and protecting the environment. Wind and solar complementary street lamp is a beautiful environmental protection product in twenty-first Century. The promotion of wind and solar complementary street lamps is of great significance to beautify the local environment.

Wind and solar complementary LED street lamp is simple, scientific and reasonable.

Wind and solar complementary LED street lamp can adapt to low wind speed area and adapt to strong wind speed and sandstorm area. The machine can start at an average wind speed of 2.5m/s, and the average wind speed 4m/s can generate electricity, and the average wind speed 8m/s output power is 500W. Due to the exquisite design of the machine, and the automatic brake or manual brake did not brake the impeller, the impeller is slow and slow running. Even if the dust storm or snowstorm can not cut the blade, it can withstand the test of hurricane of below 12 levels.

The scenery complementation LED street lamp has good ability to resist dust. Because the aircraft does not have integrated engine room, gearbox and turbine device, the only mainframe disc generator is sealed by disc steel parts and sand dust can not enter.

The weather complementation LED street lamp has a strong climate adaptability. Below 40 degrees Celsius, 50 degrees Celsius can operate normally. Mountain areas, plains, deserts and islands can be used whenever possible, according to local conditions.

Wind and solar complementary LED street lamp has long service life, and the warranty period is 2 years. Generator life in normal climates (non extreme climates) can last up to 15 years.

Wind turbines with vertical axis disc type wind turbines with LED street lamps are small wind turbines, which are suitable for low wind speed areas and can adapt to strong wind speed and dust storm areas.

Landscape art lamp

Landscape art lamp is an indispensable part of modern landscape. Not only has its own high appreciation, but also emphasizes the harmony between the landscape of Art Lantern and the historical culture and surrounding environment. Landscape art lights use different shapes, different colors and brightness to create landscapes. For example, the red lantern lantern modeling lantern brings a festive atmosphere to the square, and the green coconut tree lamp sets up a tropical Customs on the side of the pool. Landscape lamp is suitable for square, residential area and public green space lamp landscape. You should pay attention not to get too many miscellaneous things, so as to avoid making noises and make the landscape look like a mess.

yard lamp

The courtyard lamp is made up of three main components.

One, courtyard lamp light source

Light source is an important part of all lighting products. According to different illumination requirements, different brands and different types of light sources can be selected. The common light sources are energy saving lamp, fluorescent lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, gold halogen lamp, ceramic gold halogen lamp, and new LED light source.

Two, courtyard lamps and lanterns

More than 80% reflectors, transmittance over 90% of light transmittance, high IP protection level to prevent the infiltration of mosquitoes and rain, but also have a reasonable light shade and internal structure to prevent the safety of pedestrians and vehicles.

Three. The lamp pole of the courtyard

The main material of the lamp holder is equal diameter steel pipe, special-shaped steel tube, equal diameter aluminum pipe, cast aluminum lamp pole and aluminum alloy lamp pole. The commonly used diameters are 60, 76, 89, 100, 114, 140, 165. The thickness of the selected materials is divided into the thickness of the arm 2.5, the arm thickness of 3, and the arm thickness of 3.5. (above the conventional size).

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