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Led Grow Light Full Spectrum
- Aug 21, 2018 -

Main Features

Ø  High power branded 5W Epileds with High Par Value.

Ø  90° Secondary LED focusing lens.

Ø  Veg and Bloom Switches.

Ø  Including Special spectrum like IR (infrared) increasing the yield.

Ø  Best Fans, Quilt, anti-noise.

Ø  9 band full spectrum.

Ø  Zener, protect the light keep working if there is one LED out of work.

Ø  Energy saving, environmental friendly.

Functions Explain

UV 380~400nm - Chlorophyll need a little, influence the photoperiodism, prevent the stem growing too fast.

Blue 400~470nm - The Chlorophyll and Carotenoid need it much, good for the photosynthesis. Best for promoting the leaf.

Red 610~720nm - Chlorophyll absorb a little, best for photosynthesis and photoperiodism, 660nm is the peak. Best for blooming and fruit.

IR 720~1000nm - Plants absorb a little, good for growing cell, influence the blooming and sprout.

Warm White and Cool White-- Include the all color, to supply the trace element which plants need.


EJ-SZD600 LED Grow Light Spectral Output vs Chlorophyl Absorption

EJ-SZD600 spectrum matches as closely as possible to the rate of absorption by the various types of chlorophyl - resulting in maximum efficiency with 100% usable light energy.


HPS Spectral Output vs Chlorophyl Absorption

Traditional HPS grow lights emit only 40% usable light due to peaking in the wrong wavelengths. This results in wasted energy and excess heat - requiring more power to accomplish less.


Competing Brand Spectral Output vs Chlorophyl Absorption

Cheaper LED grow lights with limited spectrum produce inferior results through decreased efficiency and lower PAR - costing you time and money and wasting any money saved on purchase.


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