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How To Choose The Light Source And Luminaire For Tunnel Lighting
- May 29, 2018 -

From the light environment of various parts of the highway tunnel, the selection of light source and lamps and lanterns, the daytime and night lighting of the tunnel, the main points of lighting design to the specific implementation cases, the LED track lamp manufacturer systematically shares the tunnel lighting classification with the readers: entrance lighting, basic lighting, export lighting, emergency lighting and so on four kinds.

The steps of tunnel lighting: determine the type of the tunnel, determine the brightness and uniformity of the tunnel, determine the road type of the tunnel, and determine the vertical illumination, which is higher than the standard, the selection of the appropriate light source and luminaire, the lighting method, the distance of the lamps and so on, and the lighting effect, and the improvement of the lighting scheme.

In addition to meeting the requirements of general road lighting, the light source of tunnel lighting should be specially selected for the light source of good light transmission in the smoke formed by automobile exhaust. Therefore, in general, the selection of high pressure sodium lamp is the main; if the short tunnel or the small city tunnel mixed with diesel car is small, the smoke is less, and the fluorescent lamp or the golden halide lamp with better color display can be considered. The high pressure sodium lamp or brine which uses the great light flux at the entrance and exit of the tunnel will be the best choice for the tunnel lighting in the future with the development of LED technology and the obvious energy saving effect.

In order to solve the black hole effect and the scintillation effect of the tunnel, in addition to the reasonable lighting design, it is more important to select the reasonable tunnel lamps and lanterns to ensure the safe passage of the vehicles in the tunnel.

The characteristics of the tunnel lamps should be: the A. lamp body is a special aluminum alloy material, the surface is anodized, the strength is high, the corrosion resistance is high, the B. light distribution is reasonable, the luminous efficiency is high, the C. is closed energy consumption, and the D. can be installed with suspension, top suction and direct fixation.

Arrangement of tunnel lamps

Relative and interlaced arrangement is usually a place between the wall and the zenith axis, rather than the side. The reason is to provide a good visual environment, so that the average brightness of the bottom of the tunnel wall to the height of the 2m is not less than the average brightness of the road.

2. Interlacing. LED kitchen and bathroom ceiling lamp, LED flat lamp,

Middle: the middle arrangement is to install lamps on the axis of the zenith, so that the maintenance is more difficult and will affect the traffic, so generally do not take this way.

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