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Attention To Installation Of Solar Street Light
- May 29, 2018 -

The hoisting and positioning of the solar street lamp (especially the high rod lamp) is a main project of the solar street lamp installation project. Most of the pole positions are determined by calculation and calculation, while some solar street lamp pole positions may not be in conformity with the design, and the change of pole position is needed in the field. At the same time, we should also know whether the construction site is suitable for transportation, hoisting vehicles entering the field, hoisting equipment in place, operating power, or temporarily interrupting traffic. Only after field investigation can a feasible hoisting plan be worked out.

In addition to some key projects, most of the road and Bridge solar lighting lighting projects are completed in a period of time before and after the main road main project is completed. However, with the improvement of economic development level, solar road lighting has become an integral part of beautifying the urban landscape. Therefore, in order to ensure the solar street lamp project, the street lamp supplier and the installer should actively intervene in the solar road lighting project ahead of time. Dongguan sea light lighting should pay attention to the following points in the installation of street lamps.

1. A comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of solar street lamps, light sources and lamp poles. According to the actual and reference lighting standards of the road, combined with the investment budget, the solar lamps, light sources and lamp poles are selected rationally to give full play to the efficiency and energy saving of the light source, the light distribution of the solar lamps and the advantages of the parts combination.

2. Under the condition of light performance guarantee, the space of lamps and lanterns of solar street lamps should be properly increased in order to save the number of lamps and lanterns, to improve the height of the lamp lamp of the solar street lamp, to improve the light effect, and to divide the rod in the middle of the road as far as possible in order to save the cost of the project.

3. In combination with road engineering, the selection of pole position, foundation construction and pre burial should be involved in time so as to find out the problems in time, change rationally, guarantee the quality and save the investment.

4. According to the actual and geological conditions of the construction site of the solar street lamp, the foundation of the lamp pole of the solar street lamp and the base of the high pole lamp are designed and made, so as to ensure that the foundation is firm and reliable. Special attention should be paid to the pre buried bolt and the bar seat reserved for Kong Shi, accurate positioning, reasonable pre embedding length and external length, and the thread part should be properly protected so as to facilitate the positioning of the hoisting.

5. In rock and wind fossils, scattered grounding and subsection grounding are difficult to meet the requirements. It is possible to consider the long connection of the galvanized flat steel and other conductors according to the design requirements. The connection should be reliable, at the same time it can be properly protected and connected with the pre buried foundation to ensure the reliable connection between the lamp and the ground. In the solar street lamp, the high pole lamp is dispersed, mainly depending on the grounding of the foundation, and the resistance reducing agent should be used when necessary, so as to reduce the earth resistance.

6. The operation rules should be strictly observed in the hoisting operation.  Special attention should be paid to the power lines and other lines around the hoisting equipment, as well as surrounding structures. When lifting, the lifting points should be reasonable, and the location should be adjusted in time.

7, pay attention to the beautiful appearance of the solar street lamp post after installation. From the beginning of the foundation construction, the lamp position is based on the main line to control the straight line, and the design of the linear change according to the road. The lamp pole is straight. The processing weld and the repair port should avoid the main direction, and the whole line is consistent. The inclination of the boom should be kept in harmony with direction and angle.

8, solar energy street lamps and lanterns interior fittings plug-in parts should be inserted tightly and firmly, to avoid loose wind and poor contact and cause failure. Solar street lamps and lamps, lamp poles and cantilevers are reliably fixed. The high pole lamp in the solar street lamp should be set in place, the elevator and the lamps and lanterns should be fixed reliably, the lifting system should be safe and reliable, and the functions of lifting, limiting and positioning are complete.

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