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1000w Grow Light For Plant
- Aug 15, 2018 -

Full spectrum plant lamp:
Contains wavelengths of 400 to 420nm, helping to form anthocyanins and resist elongation of branches and leaves.
The wavelength is 450 to 460nm, which can increase thickening of stem and leaf, accelerate plant development and regulate stomatal opening.
The wavelength of 550nm promotes the growth of oxygen and helps organizations to accumulate nutrients better.
Wavelengths of 580nm can promote the growth of roots and early germination.
The wavelength of 650-660 nm can promote the growth of plants as a whole, especially at the flowering and fruiting stages, increase the growth rate (flowering 20 days earlier, harvesting 30 days earlier), increase the number of fruits 25-35%, and reduce the incidence of abnormal fruits.
720 ~ 1000nm absorption rate is low, stimulating cell extension, affecting flowering and seed germination.
In addition, the visible light of this product is a kind of electromagnetic wave, also contains a small amount of ultraviolet light, can effectively prevent diseases and insect pests.

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