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Why LED street lamps are preferred in the reconstruction of street light
- May 29, 2018 -

Lighting consumption accounts for about 20% of the total electricity consumption, and greatly reducing the use of lighting is an important way to save energy. LED is attracting the attention of the world for its superiority in solid use. The benefits of LED lighting are predicted in the United States, Japan and other countries in Taiwan. The 55% incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp in the United States are replaced by LED, which can save 35 billion US dollars a year and reduce the emissions by 7.55 million tons per year. In Japan, 100% of incandescent lamps are replaced by LED, which can reduce the power output of 1-2 nuclear power plants and save 1 billion litres of crude oil annually. 25% of incandescent lamps and 100% fluorescent lamps in Taiwan are replaced by LED, which saves 11 billion kilowatt hours per year. LED lighting will also form a huge industrial market of US $50 billion. In recent years, international famous lighting companies, such as PHILPS, OSRAM and GE, have launched LED semiconductor lighting programs and set up national key laboratories to invest heavily in research and development.  

The forefront of the field of LED lighting was first occupied. - 2 - 1. Background, with the intensification of the world energy crisis, countries are seeking solutions to the energy crisis. One road is to seek the use of new and renewable energy; the other is to seek new energy saving technologies to reduce energy consumption and improve the efficiency of energy utilization.

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