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Why can LED plant light shorten plant growth cycle?
- May 29, 2018 -

Plant growth is essential five pillars: temperature, moisture, nutrition, air and light temperature: temperature is a more intuitive factor affecting plant growth, the photosynthesis of plants is very large, if the temperature is too high, plants will not be able to bear wilt; if the temperature is too low, plants will stop various metabolism, finally, the end of the plant. Frostbite and freeze to death.

Water: water is known as a porter in the plant. Any material in the plant needs water to transport. If the transport worker is not enough, the plant must not grow normally. If the transport worker is too much, the plant can not bear the same as the traffic jam.

Nutrition: all kinds of materials, including minerals, fertilizers, and plant respiration and photosynthesis, which are required for plant growth, are also comparable.

Air: the air environment is also an important factor in the quality of plants, which is the air composition, the most important of which is the concentration and proportion of oxygen and carbon dioxide, which is also a very important factor in the effects of photosynthesis and respiration of plants.

Combined with the above mentioned conditions of plant growth, all of them are available at the same time.

Light quality, light intensity and illumination time together determine the growth cycle of plants.

Plant growth in the open nature, each plant has formed its own photoperiod genes, but because of various natural uncontrollable factors, their real growth talent has not been fully excavated. LED plant lights bring plants from outdoor to indoor, and all kinds of growth strips can be completely controlled and completely activated. Plant growth cells regulate plant photoperiod through LED plant lamps, thereby affecting plant growth.

First of all, plants, like people, need to exercise, need work, and need rest, so use LED plant light to control the time of plant light, it is generally recommended that plant light time control between 12--16 hours, so as to leave enough time for plants to rest, in order to ensure the work efficiency of the plant every day.

The effect of light quality on plant growth is also very obvious, such as: flowering and fruiting plants in the period of flowering and sitting, the need for sufficient red light, if the red light is not enough, the intensity of light can not reach the ideal effect, affect the flowering fruit rate of plants, for example, according to plant needs, plants can be plant each. The proportions of light and proportion to plant light will be completely different. This will not only shorten the growth cycle of plants, but also increase the yield and quality of plants. This is also the reason for the emergence of plant lights. It is also the reason why LED plant lamps replace traditional plant growth lamps.

At present, plant lighting LED plant growth lamps are mainly red light beads, blue light beads, white light beads and full spectrum beads. The reason for the use of these light bulbs is that numerous experiments have proved that the most needed light for plant growth is the red and blue light, and the LED plant lamp white light bulb is to supplement the plant growth. For other spectral components, the spectrum of all light spectrum LED lamp bulbs is mainly red and blue light, and the light quality has a significant influence on the inducement of callus and the differentiation of organs. The red spectrum plays an important role in the flowering of plants.

When the time and light quality are all reasonable, the LED plant lamp should be used to control the light intensity. The study shows that light intensity has a very important influence on plant cell proliferation and organ differentiation, that is, it has an important influence on plant growth. Different light intensity affects the various stages of plant growth. It does not need too strong light in the early stage of plant growth, which can meet the needs of plant germination and growth. With the growth of plants, the intensity of light should be increased properly. It is very important for the healthy and tidy degree of the seedling. When the plants bloom, the light of LED plants directly affects the flowering period and the fruit setting rate. At the same time, the plant's yield and quality are determined.

If the light intensity is not enough, the photosynthesis and respiration of the plant can not even reach the level, and it is impossible to grow the plant. If the light intensity is too strong and the light saturation point is too much, it is pure waste of electricity, it is not necessary, so the best state of value is to control the intensity of light in the light saturation point, let the plant be able to do it. Health grows at the fastest speed.

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