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Which grow light is the best
- Oct 10, 2018 -

With so many different types of grow lights and bulbs available on the market, the top choice needs to be something that offers versatility. Different garden setups may require grow lights that you can arrange in different ways to get the best results. That is why the Roleadro LED Panel takes the top spot. As a single panel LED light, it is easy to use the light alone or with others to ensure you have the best coverage for your plants.

This LED panel uses a combination of individual red and blue lights to provide the most common wavelengths plants need to survive. The overall profile will cover around seven to eight square feet, and is meant to be placed around two feet away from the plants. Best of all, the LED lights offer a long service life of around 50,000 hours and little heat to protect the plants during the growing process.

A dedicated indoor garden will quickly add up in costs. The necessary lights alone can be prohibitively expensive depending on the scale of the garden and needs of the plants. If you have a small budget or just want to dabble in indoor growing, a small grow light like the Aceple Desk Lamp is more than enough to provide a single, small plant enough energy to grow anywhere in the home.

This lamp utilizes a single bulb with six individual red and blue pieces. Combined, the lighting elements will provide the most common spectrum of light plants naturally get from direct sunlight. The LED bulb maximizes the life of the lamp to around 25,000 hours and can be replaced easily when it dies out. The body of the lamp uses a single metal fixture with a clamp on the end to hang the light from ledges, shelves or other surfaces.


The reason common, everyday light bulbs can’t be used for indoor garden is the lack of extra light frequencies plants use in sunlight. Higher frequencies have more energy than visible light. To get the most from your grow light, the bulbs need to offer the “full spectrum,” meaning they emit more frequencies than just the visible light so plants can absorb as much energy as they need.


Larger indoor gardens have higher maintenance needs to adequately supply the light and nutrients the plants will need to thrive. Using individual grow lights on a large garden can quickly add up in cost. High-intensity lights, on the other hand, can cover more area so you can cut down on the number of lights you need. Many organic foods you can grow indoors will also benefit from the higher output.

The 1500W light is all about large coverage. Using an array of full spectrum, red and blue LED lights, the grow light can output around 6x6 feet of space when hung from a height of two feet above the plant. Since the light uses and produces more energy, it comes with two cooling fans and heatsinks to keep temperatures down and to safeguard the overall health of the plants.

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