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What are the main advantages of solar street lamps?
- May 29, 2018 -

How does the solar LED street lamp compare with the traditional high pressure sodium lamp in terms of price performance ratio? It can be said that the solar LED street lamp has the following advantages:

1. solar LED street lamps use clean renewable energy, which can reduce carbon dioxide emissions compared with traditional high-pressure sodium lamps.

2. the biggest problem of traditional alternating current power supply street lamps is to lay out transmission and distribution cables and increase the consumption of precious copper resources. It is necessary to dig trenches to destroy the road. And these streetlight cables are the best targets for criminals to steal. And setting up solar street lamps is very simple, like planting a bigger tree, digging a hole and burying it.

3. AC power supply is lower than solar power efficiency by 15%, that is to say, to get the same output power, AC power will have to input more than 15% of the power. And there is also the problem of power factor. Without compensation, the reactive power of the power grid will increase.

4. the biggest advantage of solar LED street lamps is that there is no need to pay electricity bills at all. A 250 Watt High voltage sodium lamp costs about 766 yuan a year. The cost of electricity for 20 million street lamps is 15 billion 330 million yuan.

5. the life of the ordinary high pressure sodium lamp is only 3000-5000 hours, and the life of LED can reach 30000-50000 hours, and with the progress of technology, the life of LED can be as high as 100 thousand hours.

Of course, solar LED street lamps also have some problems and disadvantages.

1. in some areas with insufficient sunshine, it is necessary to increase the area of solar panels and the capacity of batteries. In a relatively large wind power area, increasing the area of solar panels will reduce its wind resistance capability, but wind and solar complementary LED street lamps can be used.

2. the cost of solar panels is still relatively high, which is the main cost of solar LED street lamps.

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