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Three different working modes of plant growth light
- May 29, 2018 -

1 Provide all the light needed for plant growth

2 Supplement sunshine when the sunshine duration is short in winter

3 Increase the duration of “daytime” to promote special growth and flowering LED plant growth lights to control plant growth by regulating light. The ability to consistently grow food locally represents a major breakthrough for humanity. Grow lights allow people to grow food indoors, making full use of waste space is also a way to efficiently produce food.


Removing the cost of transportation from the food chain is also a major breakthrough. The ability to consistently provide fresh and healthy foods presents a major shift in people’s lifestyle and quality of life. Growing lamps increase the density of food production by a factor of ten, which is of great significance.


In some places such as Japan, there are still deficiencies in the environment. Plant factories will continue to expand and use LED plant growth lights as large warehouse entities to provide food for the public and those who need special nutrition.


As more and more people are aware of the importance of health and try to avoid the harmful effects of pesticides in food, greenhouse operators have found that there are more potential markets for plant growth lamps. Large plant factories will focus on nursery work.

In the end there is no use of plant lights, to the correct use of the entire process and then concluded.


First of all, when selecting lights, we must pay attention to the needs of plants to buy LED plant lights, if it is hi light plants, buy a low-power ordinary plant lights can not meet the growth needs of plants, if it is shade-resistant plants, with Too energy-consuming plant lights are not worthwhile; in addition, if you are buying LED plant grow lights, but also according to the needs of plants, custom lamp beads ratio, with the most energy-saving way for plants to obtain the best growth conditions.


Second, when using plant lights, pay attention:

1 Regularly switching plant lights, such as plants from 9 am to 5 pm, daylight illumination can meet plant growth needs, and the time to fill light can be: 7:00 - 9:00 and 17:00 - 21:00 or so; 2 set a reasonable light distance, too far from the plant, the light is not sufficient, can not achieve the best effect of plant light supplements, too close to the plant, but only partial light, will lead to uneven plant light, so that The growth did not meet expectations.


Finally, we must pay attention to the maintenance of plant lights: According to the purchase of plant lights enough, the instructions provided by the business installation, inspection, maintenance, short-term significance is not great, but a long time does not clean up, disturb the correct way to clean up, the lighting of the province The damage is very large.


Red Green Yellow Green Blue Blue Purple, the shorter the wavelength of the light, the longer the wavelength, the more it can promote plant growth. The pink light is long-wave light, which can promote plant growth and achieve light-filling effects.


Its practical incandescent light like night and day can be, but also a long wave of light, on the contrary, the light emitted by fluorescent tubes is a short wave of light. Use two kinds of light together, you can. In order to welcome the Olympics, Beijing has opened many flowers in advance and this is the method used.


But the composition of light is very complicated. Plants have evolved for so long. They have adapted to every component of light. They all have demands and dependencies. Therefore, the fill light may only supplement one aspect. It is impossible to complete artificial light. Imitate the effect of natural sunlight on plants. Just as even the best perfume makers can't fully simulate the fragrance of natural orchids, the best designers and manufacturers are nature.


Moreover, different plants have different light requirements.

Light will inhibit the growth of the internodes of the plant. This effect will increase with the increase of the light intensity and the increase of the illumination time. Therefore, the seedlings grow easily in the low light and the light time is too short, and they grow in length. Under strong light, long illumination time is shortened. Moreover, different light qualities will also affect the growth of seedling shoots. Usually, red orange light is the most effective light for photosynthesis, which can speed up the growth of seedlings, but the internodes are long and the stems are weak; the blue-violet light can make Miao seedlings grow short and strong, in which the ultraviolet light has the strongest effect on inhibiting the seedlings of Miao Miao and promoting the growth of Miao Miao Dwarf.

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