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There are 3 kinds of plant growth lights used in the world
- May 29, 2018 -

Plant growth lamps can be used to grow plants and vegetables. Some growth lamps can emit special types of light and can maintain plants at different stages of life.

According to the Technavio Research Report of the Global Research Institute, the global growth lamp market will grow at a compound growth rate of 11.7% in -2020 in 2016. By 2020, the global growth lamp market will be valued at $3 billion.

At present, there are mainly 3 kinds of plant growth lamps used in the world: LED lamps, HID xenon lamps and fluorescent lamps.

LED growth lamp system

According to Technavio data, by 2020, the global LED growth lamp market will reach US $1 billion 900 million, and the annual compound growth rate will exceed 25%.

The high quality LED growth lamp may be relatively expensive, but the LED growth lamp has a good effect. It can produce a lot of light and save electricity, and it will not add too much heat to the greenhouse.

HID xenon lamp

If you focus on mass production of plants, the HID xenon lamp will still be the first choice. Their procurement costs are not high, but they can greatly increase plant yields.

The HID lamp will generate a lot of heat, which means you have to use a large cooling and ventilation system. At the same time, the HID system needs a lot of energy, which means additional extra cost.

Fluorescent growth lamp

By 2020, the global fluorescent growth lamp market is expected to reach US $1 billion, which is very popular with families. If there are only a few plants and limited planting space, fluorescent growth lamps are a good choice.

Such growth lights are readily available and relatively inexpensive, but they are unable to maintain the entire growth process of plants. They are mainly used for vegetative growth or cloning stage, but they can not be used to expand production.

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