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The invention and application of LED plant growth light
- May 29, 2018 -

The application of LED plant growth lamp is different from that of general LED energy-saving lighting products. LED energy saving lighting system is a biological lighting function. If there is no special need, it is usually required only as lighting demand and beautiful part. General biological lighting requires LM lumen number or point to point brightness lux lux or LED color temperature. The basic requirements of this organism for lighting will also emphasize lamp life, appearance or dimmable LED lights and even recently developed discolourable LED lights.

These requirements are taken for granted, such as the use of the LED lamp LED light bulb LED lamp board LED lamp LED lamp, the DIY flashlight LED sky light LED projection light and so on, and the LED plant growth lamp is completely different in the use object, and the function that needs to be displayed is completely with the above biological light. At present, many LED manufacturers don't really understand what they have developed.

What is the use of plant growth lights? Only with the idea of LED energy-saving lighting products to produce the lighting of LED plant growth, the LED plant growth box of indoor gardening is not known for the needs of plant growth, for example, the plant bud stage in the early stage of plant planting does not require special light, and the number of branches and leaves during the seedling period. The amount is very small, the absorption of light conversion is not much, at this time the demand for light radiation is large, such as the height of the lamp plate of the LED plant growth box, or the distance of about 30 centimeters from the general LED plant growth lamp, which is very easy to produce, so the professional LE is very easy to produce. The LED plant growth lamp of the plant growth box of D generally makes a highly adjustable function, and the LED plant growth lamps and lanterns are also given to different LED lamps and lanterns for professional performance because of the different user needs.

At present, LED plant growth bulbs and LED plant growth lamps are the most commonly used lamps and lanterns. Plant growth bulbs can be widely used in most plants with low illumination distances. Of course, different plant types should be given to different plants, and plant growth lamps are equal to the above use demand. It is necessary to use user's planting space to purchase suitable lamps and lanterns.

As an organic vegetable planting box, it is necessary to consider the problem of uniformity of light, after all, the light of the plant can not be changed in another way. For example, the plants in the plant can grow up evenly and grow up evenly. The light evenness of the lamp plate is bound to be considered, and many LED plant species are needed to integrate the light. The manufacturers of light plants have developed a variety of LED plant growth lamps, such as LED plant growth lamp, LED plant growth clip lamp LED plant growth lamp and so on. Only a small number of LED plant growth lamp manufacturers publish the wavelength of plant growth lamps used, and even many factories have not done practical planting tests, only The red and blue mixed luminaire is not only called the plant growth lamp, but also the basic responsibility of teaching the vegetable planting method.

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