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The future production and promotion of LED street light
- May 29, 2018 -

With the accelerated process of urbanization, LED street lights have already entered people's vision. Now, the streets and alleys of big cities, LED street lights everywhere, it embellished the night sky in the city. However, it is still not fully utilized, because it has some limitations. In order to ensure that LED street lamps can play a more important role in our life, we should solve these problems in the future research, production and application.

First: the shape and structure of the lamps and lanterns. The shape of the traditional street lamps is basically the same as the two parts of the light source and electrical apparatus. However, because of the particularity of the LED light source and the difference of the way of light distribution, the shape of the lamps and lanterns of LED is various, many of them can not meet the requirements of the operation, even some enterprises are using the indoor standard. In outdoor street lights.

Second: there is a problem of connection between LED lamps and lampposts. At present, almost all LED street lamps are fixed by screws, and very few hoop bolts are fixed. So, there are great hidden dangers for the safe operation of lamps and lanterns.

The limitations of the LED street light itself restrict its development

Third: the replaceable problem of the lamps and lanterns. LED street lamp components usually have LED chips, power supplies (drivers) and lamps and lanterns. The main components are power and chip. Generally speaking, LED lamps and lanterns chip can not be replaced by the electronic radiator, and the power supply (driver) can be replaced. However, many products are not convenient for the replacement of the power supply (driver), and the replacement is too time-consuming.

As we all know, the life of LED lamps now can reach 3 to 50 thousand hours. If the LED chip cannot be replaced, it means replacing the entire luminaire and causing waste.

Fourth is the problem of the life of the power supply (driver). Power supply (drive) is the most important part of LED lamps. At present, the quality of LED chips is generally guaranteed in the market, but the life of power supply is another matter. The general manufacturer promises to be good for 2 years. This is ultimately because the development of LED street lights has encountered a new bottleneck, that is, the quality of the power supply (drive) is not guaranteed, which restricts the development of LED street lamps.

The power saving effect of the LED street lamp. In theory, electricity saving, but in practice, LED street lamps do not save electricity than high-pressure sodium lamps. Under the premise of lighting quality standard, the high efficiency sodium lamp high power lamp (250~400W) luminous efficiency can reach 130~140 1m/W. The high power LED street lamps use the 1W LED tube. In theory, the light efficiency is similar to the high voltage sodium lamp. But considering the three factors, such as the ballast loss, the luminaire efficiency and the use rate of the light channel, the energy efficiency of the LED is lower than that of the high pressure sodium lamp. The low power LED street lamp (less than 150W) saves 10% of energy than the high-pressure sodium lamp.

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