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Market analysis of the mine light industry
- May 29, 2018 -

The miner's lamp industry is experiencing a period of industrial upgrading from traditional miner's lamp to LED miner's lamp. The traditional miner's lamp has existed for decades. Due to its low technology content and simple manufacturing, the traditional miner's lamp factories are in vicious competition, and the profits of the whole industry are meager.

LED miner's lamp has been researched and developed in China in the past two years and has entered the market in bulk.

According to the latest authoritative statistics, the statistical yearbook of the National Bureau of statistics in 2005 shows that there are 5 million 370 thousand workers in various mining sectors in China. Among them, 3 million 260 thousand of coal mines, 770 thousand of oil and natural gas, 160 thousand of ferrous metals, 320 thousand of non-ferrous metals, 270 thousand of non-metallic mining and 10 thousand of other mining.

1), the total number of mining workers (including township and small coal mines) is 4 million 300 thousand.

2), because most of the current mines are used in the old mine lamp, the average life of old miner lamp is only one year, so the calculation of the number of mine miners can also calculate the market base of the mine lamp.

3) plus the demand for miner's lamps such as fire fighting and field forces. The total market demand of China's miners is estimated to be 5 million.

As the LED lamp is in the early stage of entering the market, the actual sales quota has no accurate data for the time being, but if the LED lamp price drops to the traditional miner lamp, it has replaced the traditional miner lamp, then the annual sales amount should be around 300 million.

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