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Application range and function characteristic of mine light
- May 29, 2018 -

The use of mine lamp is very wide, and it is mainly applicable to some underground metal mines, coal mines, coal mines with explosive mixture of methane, coal dust and other explosives in the mine tunnel and the chamber for fixed lighting, which is convenient for the normal work of the personnel under the mine.

The feature of its lamp is that:

1. mine lamp is the highest explosion-proof grade of flameproof type, it can be flammable, explosive and other places in the coal mine, and play the unique and safe lighting characteristics of the product, but it is the normal safety work of the staff.

The technical research and development of the 2. mine lamp is more and more mature. Now the high efficiency gas discharge lamp is used as the light source. The average life of each bulb can reach more than 10000 hours, and the quality is guaranteed.

3. miner lamp is added to the advanced color phase light source. It is reasonable to use the advanced optics and lighting principle to optimize the design of transparent parts. The light is soft, the illumination is uniform, no glare, no heavy shadow, effectively avoiding the work and the builders' discomfort and fatigue.

4. the structural optimization of the miner's lamp and the high strength alloy shell have strong impact and impact resistance, and are more safe and stable.

The 5. mine lamp is made as the surface of the product with high technology spraying process. It fully embodies the waterproof, dust proof and anticorrosion functions of the lamp, and ensures the reliable work of the lamps and lanterns in all kinds of bad environment and the normal use.

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