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4 factors affecting the life of the LED lights
- May 29, 2018 -

When the LED lamp is used for interior decoration, it is very simple to install because it does not need to be subjected to wind and rain. With the LED light belt produced by the rainbow as an example, each LED lamp belt has a sticky 3M double-sided adhesive behind it. It can be directly tore off the sticker on the surface of the 3M double-sided adhesive, and then the light bar is fixed in the place where the installation needs to be installed, and the hand is smooth. As for some places that need a corner or how to do it, it is very simple that the LED light belt is a series of 3 LED as a series of series parallel circuit structure, every 3 LED can be cut alone.

The 4 factors that affect the life of the LED lamp:

1. LED is an electrostatic sensitive element. If you do not do antistatic measures when repairing the LED lamp belt, you will burn LED and cause waste. Of course, the life of the LED lamp belt is not guaranteed.

2. the toughness of copper wire or flexible circuit board of LED lamp will cause Leo lamp to break when bending, and it will also affect the life of LED lamp belt.

3. power supply factors, LED lamps usually use a constant voltage power supply (DC switching power) power supply. If the output of the power supply is unstable, or there is no sudden wave protection, the output of the unstable voltage and current will be output when the voltage fluctuation of the external network, resulting in the working life of the LED lamp under the non standard voltage.

4. because LED is a constant current component, the LED lamp produced by different manufacturers has different effect on constant current, and of course life expectancy is different.

When you know the above points, you should pay attention to the LED light belt, and pay attention to the protection of the LED lamp belt when using it, which can also prolong the time of using the LED light belt.

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