600 Watt Led Grow Light Full Spectrum

600w led grow light 600 W (120*5 W)

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600w led grow light 


 600 W (120*5 W)

 HPS/HID Replace

 1000 W

 Power Consume

 260 +/-5 W

 Max Coverage at 18" Height


 Core Coverage at 18" Height



 1746.5 umol


 12,000 lm

 Input Voltage

 AC85-265 V

 Work Frequency

 50/60 HZ


 50,000 Hrs

 Working Temperature


 Color Spectrum

 Full Spectrum

 Color Temperature

 Warm White

 Height above plants

 0.9~1.5 m

 Best lighting time per day

 10~16 Hrs


 5 KG


 412*270*66 mm

Main Features

Ø  High power branded 5W Epileds with High Par Value.

Ø  90° Secondary LED focusing lens.

Ø  Veg and Bloom Switches.

Ø  Including Special spectrum like IR (infrared) increasing the yield.

Ø  Best Fans, Quilt, anti-noise.

Ø  9 band full spectrum.

Ø  Zener, protect the light keep working if there is one LED out of work.

Ø  Energy saving, environmental friendly.



l  This unit is intended for indoor use only and should be prevented from water, moisture and shake.

l  To keep the body of this unit clean to avoid any unnecessary troubles.

l  Do not turn on and off it frequently.

l  Before installation, cut off power supply.

l  LED Grow light should be 0.5-1m higher than plant, it works 12-16 Hrs per day can instead of sunlight.

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