300 LED Grow Light

300w Led grow light belongs to the EJ-SZD series.It is warm populared as same series EJ-SZD 600,EJ-SZD 1000. This item is designed according to plant growing principle of requirement for colorful sunshine. 300W Led grow light suite for any growing period,especially have a...

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Product Details

300W Led grow light suite for any growing period,especially have a good influence for water solution culture and soil culture.This 300w led grow light is widly used in indoor garden,potted flowers,gardening,seeding,plant breeding,spray farm planted,greenhouse cultivation,flower breeding etc.



LED grow light features

* Excellent quality LED chips,lifespan over 50000 hours.

* Replace HPS lamp of 3-5 times power,it can save more than 80% electricity than traditional HPS & HID lamps.

* High luminous efficiency,more than 90% will be absorbed by hydrophyte,but traditional HPS and HID lamps only 8%-10%

* The inside air circulation system is well designed to solve the problem of radiator.

* Unique self-checking system,a led chip only matching one stable voltage diode,so once there is one led chip doesn’t work,no infulence for others,which remind the user to change the bad chip.

* Input voltage AC85-265V which is suitable for the votalge all the world.Inner driver,no other equipments allocation so the led grow light can work once connect the plug.

* The lighting area is changing base on the different plants and environments,also the technical parameters will be changed.

* All the materials used in led grow lights are qualified the environmental requirements,none mercury,lead and other harmful heavy metal materials.

* LED wavelength can be customed.The regular red wavelength is 630-660nm,blue wavelength is 440-470nm.The red promotes plants sprouting,blooming,fruiting;The blue is promoting the growing,rooting,and frondesce.


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