LED Grow Light Manufacture for Greenhouse and Tent

LED Grow Light Manufacture for Greenhouse and Tent

LED Grow Light, COB LED Grow Light, 600W LED Grow Light manufacturer / supplier in China, offering LED Grow Light Manufacture 300W 450W 600W 1200W COB LED Grow Light for Greenhouse and Tent, V Shape Tubes T8 LED Freezer Light LED Cooler Light, V Shape LED Tube Light with 270deg Beam Angle Wide and so on.

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Led grow light manufacture 300w 450w 600w 1200w led grow light for greenhouse and tent
Products Description
     LED grow light is the newest trend for indoor growers. Advanced LED grow lights use less energy, and create less heat, not only provides intense, effective lighting for indoor gardening but also make the garden cool. Hydroponics, which is a method in high-tech horticulture where plants grow in soil-free nutrient baths, led hydroponic lamp is a perfect example of how science and technology can work together to develop solutions to human problems. 

Advantages for led grow light

1. Bring You High Yield
The traditional grow lights, such as HID and HPS can just bring you 0.5 -0.8 gram per watt, no more than 1 gram. But the led grow light can bring you 1-2.5 gram per watt. It's amazing! LEDs in greenhouses deliver same yield as grow lights, using just 25% of the energy. So as for the energy conservation and environmental protection light source, the planters will consider the led grow light as their first choice.

2. Less Heat
While most grow lights are very warm, as HID, so you would need use the fan to solve this problem in summer. LED grow lights are generally moderate in temperature, and they will not harm a person if he touches them. As such, it is much safer and convenient for owners and their crops, they can be placed very close to the plants to deliver high intensity lights to the surface of the leaves.

3. Low Cost On Everything
Less electricity, save about 60% than HID.
Low amounts of heat, means less money spent on the room's costs of cooling.
Long life-span, no need to replace the bulbs.
No ballast.
No reflector.

   Flowers and vegetables 
   warm shed or greenhouse,
   seeding of plants growth room,
   nurseries, home & urban garden and university research etc.


Red 620-630nm, Red 660nm, IR 730nm, Blue 450-470nm, Orange 610-615nm, Yellow 585-5956nm, UV 380-420nm, White 7000K, Green 515-530nm.

Infrared Light (720-940nm)

 - stimulates upward plant growth,slows branching.

- larger,thinner leaf,promote flowering and setting of fruit.


Red light (620-660nm)

- stimulates photosynthesis, slows upward plant growth.


- stimulates branching , gives a smaller leaf surface with a thicker leaf.

Blue light (450-470nm)

 - stimulates photosynthesis, promotes translocation of assimilates


 - stimulates the formation of chloroplasts and chlorophyll , opens the stomata


 - compact plant structure , thick leaf.

UV light(380-420nm)

- promotoes strength , intensifies flower colour , less chlorophyll

User manual:
1>Indoor and green house use only
2>Do not touch the surface when the power is on
3>Do not use it at the place where the water is dripping
4>Blue is good for vegetative and red is good for flowering and budding, customer can choose the ratio of the red and blue, which has wonderful efficacy for the plants


Q: What products you main business?  

A: We Specializing in led grow light, led tube light, led canopy light, led flood light, led street light, led high bay light, led ceiling light, led panel light,etc.



Q: How many years wattanty?

A: We supply 2 years warranty. Once you find quality problem from our company  during warranty period, please supply us pictures or video to confirm, if it's our quality problem, we will send you relacement, don't undertake shipping cost.



Q: How about your quality?

A:All the goods is used with high quality materials. All products through strict test before they go out.


Q: How large your factory?

A: 1500 Square meters.



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