Led Grow Light 1000w Hydroponics

Led Grow Light 1000w Hydroponics

LED growing lamps are the most efficient grow lights nowadays; they produce so little heat that you can actually let the plant touch the light (although it's not recommended - as you will reduce the size of your growing area).LED beads can be customized for different plants as customer demand. Material environmental protection, CE, ROSH, FCC certification led-grow-light-1000w-hydroponics is our popular model to help plant growth.

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Product Details

1.Emitting color: full spectrum, total 10 wavebands ( red light 600-605nm,620-625nm,655-660nm;yellow light: 2000-3800nm,4000-4500nm;blue light442.5-445nm,437.5-440nm,460-465nm,green light, Infrared,UV-light.)

2.Color temperature: Only common daily light such as white light and yellow light have CCT Value, that is 2800-6500K. For colorful lights, they don't have CCT.

3.These colorful light chips are imported from Taiwan, brand is light macro chip.All are high quality chips.

4.packing size: 63.5*33.5*11.5cm/piece

net weight is 5kg/piece, gross weight:5.6kg/piece

5.Inner accessories: 4 clips,hanging strings, manual,power line

6.The whole light do not measured by lumens but by par values.

7. Now our led grow light is with 2 switches, VEG button for grow period and BLOOM button for bloom period.

8.Now we do not use dual-len chips,but if you demand that, no problem and keep same unit price: 176.4$/piece for 1000w.

9. Warranty:After exported thousands of grow lighst to USA, we have met many problems such as optical lens falling off during transportation. But we have solved that and have after-sale engineer in California. If any problem we will have very good after-sale service.

10. Usually 15 days leadtime for sample and bulk reorders.Any part you want to change or customize, please contact us.

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