Full Spectrum Hydroponics 1000W LED Grow Lights

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Full spectrum hydroponics 1000w led grow lights:

It meets most of customers requirements because of the large power,different plant growing stages,full spectrum and suitable lighting areas. The hanging height of the full spectrum hydroponics 1000w led grow lights above the plants is about 0.9-3 meters. For different growing environments set the suitable lighting time.Generally the light working time per day is about 10-16 hours.

Product show:

Product features:

1.It can enhance illumination and effective lighting time;

2.Adopts scientific and reasonable design;

3.Prolong the lighting time for plants which they really need;

4.It can achieve scientific control of the light that required by plants;

5.Great durability and long working life.


Full spectrum hydroponics 1000w led grow lights are widely used in indoor plant growth.

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