Full Spectrum Grow Light with UV and IR

The full-spectrum plant light is an illumination source developed for the growth of plants by simulating the solar spectrum. The distribution ratio of visible light from the blue light part of 380 nm to the red light part of 780 nm is reasonable, and the...

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Product Details

Quick details:

Temperature RiseTc17K
Tolerance range for optical and electrical data±10%
Beam Angle120°
Operating Temperature And Humidity-20°C ~ 40°C, 45% RH ~ 90% RH
Specialized full spectrum395nm, 450nm, 660nm and 730nm. 
Input VoltageAC100~240V
Recommended Irradiation Distance0.5 ~ 0.8m
Working Lifetime50,000 hours
Warranty3 years

Product show:

Product features:

1. Preferably plant-specific spectrum to meet the growth of different plants;

2.High power and high PPFD;

3.Safe and high-quality;

4.Unique 100×10W high power double-chip leds design;
5.Energy saving 80% compared with HID grow lights;
6.Fan-cooling systems with great heat dissipation;

7.Well full spectrum grow light with UV and IR make the grow lights more closer to the sunshine color,so that to make large effect on plant growing.

1. This lamp is non-waterproof design, will be damaged by water and static.
2. Remove the plug when the thunderstorm struck.


It is suitable for most kinds of plants growth. Hence, it is suitable for vegetable cultivation, flower cultivation, ornamental plant cultivation, succulent plant cultivation, especially for plant greenhouses, basement planting.

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