SMD LED Flood Light

SMD LED Flood Light

100% of the led flood lamps will be tested and keep lighting for 24 hours to test its quality reliability , and we will also test its temperature after 24 hours’ lighting. Then after it is cool we again test 100% of the flood lamps to see if it still work well . Each lamp should pass all these...

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Product Details

Quick details:

Model No




Light Source

40pcs of 0.5W SMD2835

SMD led passed LM-80 6000 Hour test

Color Temperature

3000K (2870~3220K) for warm white

4000K (3800~4200K) for daylight white
6000K (5665~6530K) for cool white

Luminous Flux

100-105 lm/w



Input Voltage


Driver Efficiency


IP Rating


Working temperature

-20°C ~60°C


50,000 hours



Product Dimension

187*145*43mm(without holder)

Product picture:


Product characteristics:

1.Our product has various usages ;

2.Simple and chic design;

3.Long service life because this light does not have electrode, it is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction combined with the principle of fluorescent discharge to emit light, so it is not composed of the necessary components to limit the service life;

4.Eco-friendly and energy-saving;

5.It does not have stroboscopic effect, so it can ensure that no eye strain or eye health;

6.The light is mild, so it can show the natural color of illuminated object;

7.Good visual effect about the illuminated object;

8.Good product service and favorable price;

9.Strict quality control.


LED flood light widely used in stage, advertising board, gym, garden, lawn, park, workshop, warehouse, supermarket, shopping mall, exhibition hall, gas station, highway toll station, etc.

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