LED Flood Light Fixtures

led flood light fixtures Waterproof ip65 metal halide smd 20 watt led flood light fixtures: Pic of the led flood light: Our company: Our main products are LED outdoor project lighting and fiber optic lighting application. Project lighting we produce such as flood light, wall washer light, street...

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Product Details

Waterproof ip65 metal halide smd 20 watt led flood light fixtures:

Item no.

20watt led flood light fixtures



Color temperature


Light color

Warm white

Life span






Pic of the led flood light:

EJ-XYT 007.jpg

Product features:

1.Our product has various usages and we also provided OEM/ODM service or customized service about the product;

2.Simple and chic design of our product;

3.Long service life because this light does not have electrode, it is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction combined with the principle of fluorescent discharge to emit light, so it is not composed of the necessary components to limit the service life;

4.Eco-friendly and energy-saving, so it can protect our environment effectively;

5.It does not have stroboscopic effect, so it can ensure that no eye strain or eye health;

6.The light is mild, so it can show the natural color of illuminated object;

7.Good visual effect about the illuminated object.

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